"DRIVE" Album Released on NUMERO GROUP RECORDS now available !!!

Collaborating with my dear friend Steve Powell, this collection is an upbeat, driving set of tunes that draw upon jazz, rock, world, and fusion. Also featured on this recording are Bray Ghiglia on flute and Dominic Buscemi on guitar.

Originally released in 1990, it did not get much airplay, however, several cuts did do well on network TV with spots on the Leeza Gibbons show and Playboy TV network. Thanks to the NUMERO GROUP  Record Label, this music is again available to a whole new generation of listeners and available for download and streaming.

Here is a preview of "Sex Drive" with video taken from Norman McLaren's Pas de deux (1968) .


Escape the Mind Volume 3 now available !!!

Double Disc Album is here!!
I am so glad to have my composition "Migration" included in this package.
This is the fifth album I have released with Bongo Boy Records and this one has some very diverse music. I hope you like it !!!!
The album features the following award-winning artists from around the world:

1. Deva Premal - Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra 9:11
2. Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix- Vajra Sattva Mantra - Diamond Light Transmission 15:24
3. Grayhawk - Guardians of Goddess Thien Hau feat. Hai Phuong 6:06
4. Jeralyn Glass - Vibrance 7:59
5. Jason Campbell and Robin Campbell - Reflect - Metal of Tao 5:07
6. Mirabai Ceiba - We Are The Mirror 6:31
7. Robert Slap - Migration 4:54
8. Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix- Ancient Canyons 9:07
9. Kevin Kastning - Construction 2a 6:09
10. Jeralyn Glass - Gymnopedie#1 8:45
11. Charles Brown - Sunrise Serenade 3:14
12. Bruce Lev - Rejuvenation 7:25
13. Scott Kuchler - Amitabha 2:23

You can order your copy today at this link: Escape the Mind Volume 3 
This album has been submitted for consideration for the upcoming Grammy® season and we hope it does well. 

You can listen here to my track on SoundCloud.