Serengeti goes live worldwide !!!

New Worldwide Release: "Serengeti". The second of my 3 summer releases now available !!!  
A musical adventure into the heart of Africa featuring a combination of world percussive instruments, smooth synth melodies, soaring guitars and arpeggios, creating an environment for visualisation and relaxing listening. In this exploration I started with a steel drum and moog bass randomly arpeggiating to the chord structure, while adding the percussion. I let it go from there and each verse passage I changed the melody using different instrumentation to finally arrive at this arrangement. A very exotic and exciting groove with hints of tribal and world music throughout. Hope you like it !!!


Slap wins Best Production Award from ICMA

 So grateful to receive this honor. We all worked hard to make this record and get the message to the world. This is a very special project for me and I hold it close to my heart. I hope all can listen and carry the message of peace, love and understanding for generations to come.