New Music 2016 Preview

Working on a set of music for next year's live set. Getting back into some bluesy rock & funky grooves.

Still crazy after all these years !!!!!


Global Music Awards Winners Announced !!!

I am very pleased and excited to announce my new album "Recollections: Volume 1", has received a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement in the jazz/fusion/new age category from the Global Music Awards. I want to thank all my friends and colleagues for encouraging me to pursue my dreams and get this music heard.

You can view the winners here and I encourage you to vote for your Fan Favorite at this site, VOTE , which helps independent artists gain industry exposure. Thank you very much......

Rock & Soul, Detroit Style 1972

Here is rare shot of the legendary "Hot Lips" band from a concert at Tartar Field, Detroit 1972........This was the greatest group I have ever assembled.....LR Larry "Fatback" Talbert (drums), Bob Slap(guitar,vocals), David "Fingers" Waller (bass), Big John "Mojo Hand" (Guitar), and John Angelos (Vocals, Harmonica)....... the ultimate Detroit Rock & Soul band. We got together when we were not on the road with other groups. I was playing with Larry, Big John, and David at the time, backing up Motown artists David Ruffin and the Magic Tones, met Johnny and asked him to join, it just happened !!!! Unfortunately we were pulled apart by other commitments, Larry joined Bill Withers, and John went off with Ted Nugent for a tour, after that John and I moved to LA and reformed the "Mighty Quick" group, LA style........ Hot Lips had one more reunion in LA in 1975, when a chance encounter found all of us in town at the same time........we jammed a few times and it was magic!!!! lotta good memories..........Photo courtesy of Frank Pettis


The Muses Radio Show 10.09.2015

Now available !!! Muses Vol:20 Off World - with your Captain Zoe Ehinger
Original launch time : Friday 9th October  - Join us for a journey you will never forget!

Crew members aboard: Candy Lozier Michael Hodges Gazz Collins Frederick Grenot and Robert Slap

The Muses show is based on the idea of the 9 Muses who were the inspirations for knowledge and the arts in ancient Greece – especially for literature, dance and music.


New Music for the Mind, Body & Spirit coming October 2015, available on CD and Emusic downloads

Announcing the re-release of a new album of ambient music geared for meditation, introspection, healing, prayer, relaxation, and massage therapy. These are extended cuts with a total time of 1 hour. Perfect for your next out-of-body experience. These tracks have not been available for many years and I am very happy to offer this special music again. Over the years, I have produced many programs for therapists, metaphysicians, healers, ministries, doctors and hospitals to assist in caring for the mind, body and spirit of individuals seeking to improve their lives. Please share this music with those seeking connection with their higher consciousness, and utilizing the healing powers of sound

Critics Review:
I have been teaching meditation for nearly 20 years. Choosing the right piece of music to play in the background can be daunting with all the new artists and offerings available. But I keep coming back to "Ascension" by Robert Slap. It's perfectly timed, perfectly written to take a person into the depths of their being for an enlightening hour of meditation. It does not over power, it does not interfere with your concentration. Instead it melodically lifts your soul and gently carries you into the spirit of your mind for that perfect altered state of awareness. I highly recommend it for beginners and experts alike.