Atlantis: Crystal Chamber Release Date Nov. 28 2022 !!!

NUMERO GROUP is releasing one of my best selling albums from 1986. This is one of my more exploratory concept albums and begins with the mysterious sounds from the Crystal Chamber, a 12 minute improvisation inspired by my research into the Atlantean mythology.
The story behind  the Crytal Chamber began in 1983 when I traveled to Mexico to explore the pyramids of Teotihuacán……I was always interested in the stories about the lost civilization of Atlantis as well as the history of ancient civilizations. I had read the book “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken in the early 70’s and was quite fascinated with his theories. The journey to Mexico was an exciting experience, exploring the pyramids of the sun and moon, and the walk of the dead. I was deeply moved by the sheer scale of these structures, being able to climb them and look out over the countryside, imagining what it might have looked like in the days of the Mayans and Aztecs or even earlier. After returning to the states, I spent the next several years researching additional sources of the Atlantis legend, and from this came the idea to create a musical journey into the ancient civilization of Atlantis.
After several years of toying with the idea, I finally began an effort to start writing the music in 1986. I originally planned to record just one album, but my research took me into so many different directions I decided to start the first one and see where all this would lead me. In addition, I wanted to approach this music from an improvisational standpoint. I had some ideas about hidden “crystal power”, déjà vu, past life memories, UFO’s etc., so it was a matter of turning those ideas into sounds that would capture the story of an ancient civilization. The way it has always worked for me was to get an image in my head and the music would follow. The first Atlantis track was recorded very quickly. The “doo dah, doo wah” melody from Crystal Chamber floated in my mind and I spent most of the time creating soundscapes and searching for the perfect blend of sounds to capture the ideas in my head. Mixing all this together was actually the “real” album; this was a new approach for me, since I had always written everything out into music charts with arrangements. I was able to break the bounds of creative consciousness and let the sound, stories and ideas flow through me. The result turned out to be my first, very successful solo album “Atlantis Crystal Chamber”, which delved into the culture of the Atlantean civilization, the powers of crystals, hidden knowledge of the past, telepathy, telekinesis and time travel. As it turned out, I was writing my story and the soundtrack at the same time.

Album Notes: Crystal Chamber
A labyrinth deep inside the Earth where select crystals and other natural resources were placed to generate the terrestrial power needed by the Atlanteans. Only a select few Wizards and Elders were ever allowed into the chamber, which was adorned with crystals of every color of the spectrum. The secrets of the crystal power were hidden in three halls of records created by the Atlanteans when they returned to their home. These are yet to be discovered, but it is rumored the great halls were below the Sphinx, in the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula, and near the Biminis, in the Bermuda Triangle, as we know it today.


"Why Can't We Live Together" on Ballot for The Grammy Awards®


From Steve Sheppard, One World Music: "Here Robert Slap, gifts us eager listeners with probably one of the most soulful singles of the century thus far, in his rendition of this absolute classic. Utilising the skill sets of Larry Minne on Harmonica, the breath taking Charles “Buddy” Smith and Audra Kubat on vocals, Slaps “Why Can't We Live Together?” is a true cry to the nations, in the most soulful of ways possible, and at a time when the world needs it now more than ever before."


"Voodoo" - Worldwide release on 09.08.2022 !!!

WINNER!!! The Akademia awards Robert for Best Jazz Instrumental Song.

My latest release has finally arrived. This is 6th and final release for 2022 featuring some funky grooves along with some Pat Methany inspired guitar, exotic percission, bass and flute. This piece is actually 3 seperate movements starting with the theme and chorus, followed by a cinematic flowing bridge and finishing with some soulful inspirational guitar riffing over the closing jazzy chordal structure. A dark and melodious tune, this has always been one of my favorites.


Serengeti goes live worldwide !!!

New Worldwide Release: "Serengeti". The second of my 3 summer releases now available !!!  
A musical adventure into the heart of Africa featuring a combination of world percussive instruments, smooth synth melodies, soaring guitars and arpeggios, creating an environment for visualisation and relaxing listening. In this exploration I started with a steel drum and moog bass randomly arpeggiating to the chord structure, while adding the percussion. I let it go from there and each verse passage I changed the melody using different instrumentation to finally arrive at this arrangement. A very exotic and exciting groove with hints of tribal and world music throughout. Hope you like it !!!


Slap wins Best Production Award from ICMA

 So grateful to receive this honor. We all worked hard to make this record and get the message to the world. This is a very special project for me and I hold it close to my heart. I hope all can listen and carry the message of peace, love and understanding for generations to come. 


"90265" released worldwide on all digital platforms

Official Video Release 07.08.2022. Imagine cruising down PCH to the warm and sandy beaches of Malibu for a day of relaxation and people watching. This is the music to take you there !!! Some good summer music for you.
Available on all streaming platforms, and please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more new music coming this summer !





I always loved the lyrics to this tune and hoped to record a new version at some point. As some of you know, I don’t usually record cover tunes and focus mainly on instrumental compositions in various genres, but I felt a need to send out this message to the world with this recording. If we could ask ourselves the same query, I hoped this might be a step in the right direction. 

I had a scratch track created in 2020 and was going to record the whole thing myself, but then the pandemic shut down that idea, so I started working on different arrangements with different instruments. By 2021 I had a working track that I liked so I reached out to my Detroit pals, Larry Minne and Charles “Buddy” Smith, and said let’s do another record. I wanted to record 2 versions of this track, a vocal on the A side and an instrumental version on the B side. As fate would have it, I had some health issues over the year, so the recording was postponed until I could get up to Detroit in September ‘21 for a one-day session. I had sent up the working track earlier to these guys to listen to. I brought all my recording gear and setup..... so on recording day I had Larry on harmonica, while Buddy arrived with a special guest, Audra Kubat, another fine Detroit singer/songwriter...... I was planning on a 3-4 minute tune without any solos, just the lyrics.......so I rolled the track and then we started improvising and trying different combinations of voices and harmonica, I just kept all the tracks we did record and I added some additional vocals that could be used in the mix. I had an idea for an ethereal opening that would set the tone for the tune and grab the listener, so I asked Audra and Larry to just play off each other without using lyrics, imagining standing on a mesa overlooking giant canyons, with the voice and harmonica floating in space, Buddy pulled off a masterful vocal, and I just let the track roll at the end and let Buddy and Audra improvise an incredible scat. So we made it up as we went, and that is how I like to work to catch the spontaneity of the moment.  I had a lot of material to take home and listen to, edit and put it into a song format that would work.  I finished with a song that was something different than I had imagined and much, much more interesting  ....... I hope you enjoy this 6 minute opus, we all worked on this recording to spread the message...... we have to learn to live together........RS