Victim of Circumstance


  In 1981 I wrote this tune for the band  "Secrets" in response to the assassination of John Lennon. 

A sad day indeed that was for those of us who listened and learned from his passion for bringing peace,  harmony and truth to the world. Was I being naive? Looking back, probably so, but I still have that passion for world peace and I am a very empathic person, so it troubles me thinking about the condition of the world today, 30 years after this tragedy, not forgetting the Kennedy's, King and all the others who fought for human rights and equality. So today I focus on recording music with that message.

The first line was;

"The paper said, the man was dead,  do we need gun control?

Victim of circumstance, never really had a chance,

The times the way they are, you can't push your luck, can't push your luck too far."    

I did not get a chance to record this with the band, but I included this version on my first solo album "Mystic Memories" in 1983. It has been re-released on the NUMERO GROUP label. They will be reissuing all my recordings from that era ('83-'95) over the next several years.