Escape the Mind Volume 3 now available !!!

Double Disc Album is here!!
I am so glad to have my composition "Migration" included in this package.
This is the fifth album I have released with Bongo Boy Records and this one has some very diverse music. I hope you like it !!!!
The album features the following award-winning artists from around the world:

1. Deva Premal - Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra 9:11
2. Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix- Vajra Sattva Mantra - Diamond Light Transmission 15:24
3. Grayhawk - Guardians of Goddess Thien Hau feat. Hai Phuong 6:06
4. Jeralyn Glass - Vibrance 7:59
5. Jason Campbell and Robin Campbell - Reflect - Metal of Tao 5:07
6. Mirabai Ceiba - We Are The Mirror 6:31
7. Robert Slap - Migration 4:54
8. Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix- Ancient Canyons 9:07
9. Kevin Kastning - Construction 2a 6:09
10. Jeralyn Glass - Gymnopedie#1 8:45
11. Charles Brown - Sunrise Serenade 3:14
12. Bruce Lev - Rejuvenation 7:25
13. Scott Kuchler - Amitabha 2:23

You can order your copy today at this link: Escape the Mind Volume 3 
This album has been submitted for consideration for the upcoming Grammy® season and we hope it does well. 

You can listen here to my track on SoundCloud.

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