The Recording Academy 58th GRAMMY Awards Date

MUSIC'S BIGGEST NIGHT SCHEDULED FOR MONDAY, FEB. 15, 2016, AT STAPLES CENTER IN LOS ANGELES. I hope to see some of my longtime friends and associates at the party next year !!!!!

Robert Slap photo by Wendy Hakes 2015

Bob celebrates with bandmates at the MC5 Exhibit and VIP Reception

Charlie Bell, Bob Slap, Dennis Thompson, aka "Secrets", Detroit, MI 1980

Just recently went to Detroit to visit and celebrate with the Motor City's finest at the Lincoln Park Historical Museum MC5 Exhibit. Read the complete examiner story by Wendy Stevenson Clem  HERE !!!

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Bob talks about the Tidal Waves on 60sGarageBands.com

Bob Slap was an original member of this 60's Detroit group. He recalls the early years of the Detroit music scene and the recording of "Farmer John/She Left me All Alone" and shares some fond memories of the group. Read the full Interview here.


The "Farmer" and "Machine Gun" celebrate 50 years !!!!

Bob Slap and Dennis Thompson reunite at the MC5 Celebration in Lincoln Park, MI. Dennis and I now have a combined 100 years in the music business......What a trip to be out here with all these people !!! The weather was wonderful and the vibes were cool, man....

Reminiscing over some of the great old tunes we did together in the "Secrets" 1980-1981. There was a great city scene going on then, good for Detroit and us.

I am so happy for Dennis and the MC5, they finally got a gold record for the first album........It means a lot after kicking around all these years. Life in the music business can have its ups and downs, so it's always great to see the old bandmates......

With "Uncle" Russ Gibb. He has done more for Detroit musicians over the years than anyone I can think of. It was a privilege to see him at the event......

Boys just wanna have fun!!!!  Jim Edwards (Vocals) and Mike Marshall (Bass) from the Rockets. Mike also played in the Torpedoes with my band mate, John Angelos......that was a great Detroit band.

Catching up with Mike Marshall and Johnny "Bee" Badanjek......another legendary drummer I first met when he played with Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, 1966.

Here is the great artist Dennis Loren.........I'm sure you have seen his posters over the years.......Dennis and I have many mutual friends and we had a great conversation remembering the "good times" when Detroit was the music capitol of the world.........Motown and Rock & Roll.......

Making contact with Photographer Frank Pettis, who recently married Mary Gage, another classmate of mine from Roseville High........isn't that cool ???

And her name is G-L-O-R-I-A..............that's right, Gloria Blondy.......boy, did we share some crazy times in Hollywood after I moved out there to work with her boyfriend, John Angelos and the band "Mighty Quick", 1973......

Good friend Jeff Bailey, up from Houston for the event........Jeff stopped by the farm recently to visit on a trip up to Detroit.........Jeff worked sound with the "Secrets" in 1980-81.........

Doing an interview with Ron Perry (American Media Sound & Video) for a documentary he is creating on the early Detroit rock scene........I don't get around much anymore and this was a treat for me to get some "face time"........

Shopping for memorabilia.....lotta cool collectibles, art, CD's and whatever at the event..........I had a really good time hangin' out with my brothers and sisters.......guess I'm just an old hippy at heart......special thanks to my brother Dave, who came along to watch over my shoulder.............and Wendy Clem for shooting all these great photos and capturing some real history...............guess we'll do this again in another 50.........rs


New Music Update......2 albums almost ready to go 08.24.2015 !!!!!!

Finishing up work on the New album "Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World"
Mixing and editing finally completed and the art work has been approved. Next step sending masters to CD duplication facility for production.
"Recollections: Volume 1" is ready for CD duplication also and now available for downlaod at iTunes and Amazon MP3 stores.
I have decided to release both these albums at the same time since they offer different styles of my music. "Recollections" has a contemporary cool jazz feel while "Atlantis" is pure new age combining melodies with ambient soundscapes.

My meager little studio.......amazingly enough, I have everything I need here in addition to a large room for live recording.....I have kept all my vintage gear from my LA studio and just added a Tascam CD-RW 900mkII for mastering........still using Tannoy's for monitoring.
Guitars, Guitars, Guitars !!!! I don't collect 'em, I use them !!!