Ain't no cure for them summertime blues!!!!

Summer is the time to get out and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of lower Michigan. I have been performing at a few festivals with the Cadillac Phoenix Blues Band and just love playing outside and getting to travel to my home town and visit friends !!!!

Live at the Memphis Blues festival 08.05.2017
Cadillac Phoenix Blues Band
Kudos to the group for inviting me to sit in, Gary Robert Frederick, Clare Wall Frederick,  Dale Ryngaert, and Ken Parker. 
I don't get to play the blues much anymore, but some things you just never forget!!!
It is always great to meet new faces and have people come down and listen to the music..... it is what I have been doing for the last 50+ years and I'm so grateful to still be able to share my music with all of you...... next performance is on Sunday 09.03.17 at 4:45 PM at the Blue Chili Grass Festival in Goodells, MI