Slap's blues rocker "Modern Medicine" released on Bongo Boy Records!!!

The Blues is coming to you with Bongo Boy RecordsBackroom Blues Volume Four Release Date 2.21.17 | 13 Hot Smokin Blues tracks on one Cool album(cd) on Bongo Boy Records Bongo Boy Records Asia Bongo Boy Universal Music Group 
1. Jim Labos - The Blues Will Never Die 4:51
2. Devin Leigh - Searching For The Truth 3:02
3. BUCK69 - Dead End Road 4:02
4. Mike Gallemore - Ride That Train 4:13
5. Greg Guba - Way Past Blues 3:49
6. Big Bone Daddy - Got It 3:25
7. Jon Montgomery and The Exile Blues Band - I Ain't Got Nobody 4:53
8. Plainfield Slim - I Found A Woman 3:03
9. Robert Slap - Modern Medicine 3:30
10. Big Bone Daddy - Down Low 2:44
11. The Dana Gaynor Band - Tip My Hat To The Maker 2:40
12. Wood Shampoo - I Love You Mummy 3:16
13. Vin Matteo - Your Spell 5:12

Music Review: 

Robert Slap's "Modern Medicine" takes on a good-nature jazzy sound. Guitar work is quite impressive showing off a great dexterity. Best of all are the small flourishes, from the saxophone to the low-slung bass. Skopemag.com - FEB 2017

Now Available HERE: and all online outlets.
I'm just another case, of modern medicine

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