Bongo Boy Records and Slap join forces to Escape the Mind !!!

I have just signed with Bongo Boy Records to release my tune "Sahara" on their New Age Compilation album "Escape the Mind", which will be released worldwide in the Spring of 2017.  I am very excited to be joining this label. The album will feature an incredible group of artists, each with their own unique sound.

This tune conjures up images of journeying across the desert in a caravan, searching for that hidden oasis across the vast expanse of the Sahara. Listen on soundcloud-robert-slap/sahara.  On this recording, I play guitars, guitar-synth, bass, keyboard and percussion. I am always trying to capture the sounds in my head, and this one worked really well for me.


"Sun kissed and sweltering in the heat, we make our way to the global bop of Sahara. This track has a real world music feel to it, but a sense of cross genres, once more the tempo is quick, but while the percussion adds the rhythm, the keyboards create an almost calming oasis of sound, this is one really delightful
track to enjoy and was a pleasure to listen to, I adore the smooth Jazz genre, but here Robert Slap crossed boundaries to make something good, brilliant, by adding the global world feel, and mixing in a little new age magic, sheer genius. I would recommend this album any day of the week; you cannot get enough of music of this quality into your collection.
Steve Sheppard - One World Music

"One of the many things I like about Robert’s music is the way he adds dashes of world music influences into his jazzy compositions – just enough to provide a bit of exotic flavor without it trying to be an authentic indigenous sound. A few examples are “Sahara,” whose inspiration can be guessed from the title. I loved the intertwining roots of Robert’s guitar styles, which incorporated jazz, rock, fusion, ambient electronic, and world music. And I was as impressed with Robert’s flair for composition and arranging, as I was with his impeccable guitar playing.
Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus

Robert, your music ... intricate poly-rhythms, layers upon layers of not just the norm of piano, guitar but tribal...then I hear a wooden flute creating such a peaceful mental place. I guess what I am trying to say is, this is not music as most of us have been trained by the world. It's, in my opinion an experience...
Rick Wearing - Jazz Drummer