New Music Update......2 albums almost ready to go 08.24.2015 !!!!!!

Finishing up work on the New album "Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World"
Mixing and editing finally completed and the art work has been approved. Next step sending masters to CD duplication facility for production.
"Recollections: Volume 1" is ready for CD duplication also and now available for downlaod at iTunes and Amazon MP3 stores.
I have decided to release both these albums at the same time since they offer different styles of my music. "Recollections" has a contemporary cool jazz feel while "Atlantis" is pure new age combining melodies with ambient soundscapes.

My meager little studio.......amazingly enough, I have everything I need here in addition to a large room for live recording.....I have kept all my vintage gear from my LA studio and just added a Tascam CD-RW 900mkII for mastering........still using Tannoy's for monitoring.
Guitars, Guitars, Guitars !!!! I don't collect 'em, I use them !!!