Atlantis Album Review by Serge Kozlovsky 01.26.2016

I just received this review from music critic and writer Serge Kozlovsky. This is one review where the author really connected to the concept of ancient civilizations and Atlantis.Please read on and if you have a chance to listen, visit my site at SoundCloud.

Robert Slap
Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World

(c) (p) 2015 Robert Slap
The voices of the past
Give us no rest
How did we appear on this planet? Which ancient civilizations existed here and why did they leave? What knowledge and abilities did they possess? Answers to these questions will not only help to learn about who we are, but also that where our modern civilization goes.

The album “Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World” of Robert Slap is devoted to ancient Atlantis civilization. This project is third and final release in his trilogy which is started with “Atlantis Crystal Chamber” and has been continued with “Atlantis Healing Temple”. These albums achieved a stunning success and without doubt the new release will wait for the same destiny. Why will it happen? I’ll try to explain this to you in brief.

The music of Robert Slap very gently leads the listener on an exciting journey. These melodies evoke vague recollections that plunge you into a meditative state and gradually cause clear images of bygone days. You can see the ancient civilization, which left a huge footprint and impact on our planet. And you can see it very distinctly, as if this civilization exists now in reality…

One important feature of the music of Robert Slap is that it has an inner power and a great passion. It immediately arouses an emotional response from the listener because these tunes come from the depths of the artist’s heart.

Robert Slap is a perfect melodist. The compositions of the album are listened to in one breath. This project of the artist is a perfect example of that new age music which conquered the whole world. His electronic keyboards are filled with various nuances, and aerial voices are delicately coloring the palette of the album.

The music of the “Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World” contains a profound understanding of human nature and penetrates into the most distant corners of the soul. Something bewitching is felt in the compositions of Robert Slap.

Surely listen to the album “Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World”. This music will touch your soul and, maybe, you’ll see what the future has waiting for us…

Serge Kozlovsky