The Soiree in Los Angeles 02.10.2017

Greetings in the New Year !!!! I am honored to be a guest performer at the 2017 Soiree this year, along with an incredible roster of Grammy winners and nominees......
The Soiree is a great event to attend, network, and share the trials and tribulations of the music business with fellow artists. Bray Ghiglia will also be joining me onstage adding guitar and flute along with jazz saxophonist Suzanne Grzanna.


With a career spanning more than 50 years of playing, recording and writing music, I am thrilled to still be here and share my music with friends up on the stage. Tickets are available click here for those in Los Angeles for the Grammy show. You won't want to miss this show, it gives us all a chance to let it all hang out !

HMMA Award Show 11.17.2016
See you next year !!!!

Slap & Company kicking off the year at Kulak's Woodshed with the Indie Collaborative !!!

I will be in Los Angeles in February for Grammy Week again, and pleased to announce I will be performing with my new group project, "Lateral Movement '17",  along with flutist Bray Ghiglia and percussionist Dale Edward  at Kulak's on Feb 9 ...... the show is sold out but will streamed live at www.concertwindow.com/indiecollaborative... We will be doing something with guitar and flute, so please join us on-line if you get a chance!!!!

Bray & Bob at the HMMA Awards Show 11.17.2016


Robert Slap receives HMMA nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental

Very pleased with this nomination. This is the third one I received from this album and have won 2 awards for this recording. I am looking forward to the trip to LA to meet my friends and colleagues during the week. Have guitar will travel. Thank you for listening !!!!!

What the critics are writing about Recollections: Volume 1:

Recollections: Volume 1 is a masterful mélange of diverse musical flavors. I loved the intertwining roots of Robert’s guitar styles, which incorporated jazz, rock, fusion, ambient electronic and world music. And I was as impressed with Robert’s flair for composition and arranging, as I was with his impeccable guitar playing. One of the many things I like about Robert’s music is the way he adds dashes of world music influences into his jazzy compositions – just enough to provide a bit of exotic flavor without it trying to be an authentic indigenous sound.
MICHAEL DIAMOND - Music and Media Focus  

'Reverberating guitar and tight percussion elements underscore this beautiful jazz instrumental, making it shine brilliantly.' "Voodoo" from "Recollections: Volume 1"
Winner Best Song: Instrumental/Jazz - AKADAMIA Music Awards

"Recollections: Volume 1 was a pleasure to listen to, I adore the smooth Jazz genre, but here Robert Slap crossed boundaries to make something good, brilliant, by adding the global world feel, and mixing in a little new age magic, sheer genius. I would recommend this album any day of the week; you cannot get enough of music of this quality into your collection."
Steve Sheppard - One World Music Radio


Feature Article by Michael Diamond from Music and Media Focus

I have just received this new Article by music critic Michael Diamond. He is discussing my most recent album "Recollections: Volume 1". Please read his thoughts on my music and also give a listen to the album on Soundcloud. This album has received awards from Global Music Awards and The Akademia, and has been nominated by Hollywood Music and Media Awards for best Contemporary Instrumental coming up November 17 at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. I hope to see many of my fellow friends and artists at this event !!!

Thank you Michael for your insights, wonderful writing and all you do for independent artists!!!!

Celebrating 50 years of recording history: 1966-2016. Thank you all for listening!!


The Dawn of New Age in Malibu... Wire Magazine July 2016

Just Received a copy of the Wire Magazine from the UK (that is not me on the cover)..... I was interviewed in an article about the beginnings and evolution of the new age music genre in the 1980's while I was Producer and Music Director of Valley of the Sun from 1982-92, one of the very first successful new age labels of the era. It was wonderful being part of that group of musical artists who followed their heart when creating beautiful musical soundscapes. I must have produced hundreds of recordings over that period, including the "Eternal OM" which became the top selling meditation recording for Valley of the Sun, and then went to become one of the mostly widely used recordings for massage, yoga, and meditation throughout the world. Still waiting for the Gold Record to arrive.......

Mixing my very first solo album "Mystic Memories", released in 1983.
I worked tirelessly at finding artists and producing records for VOS, we had a really good group of artists and everyone was very original in their own style. I went on to focus on a very special series of recordings about Atlantis, the lost continent.... over a period of 30 years...... Atlantis: Crystal Chamber (1987), Atlantis: Healing Temple (1990), and Atlantis: Brave New World (2015)..... I will continue to revisit this theme when the music calls me......

Marie Matson at the marimba.... I always like to use a lot of percussive instruments, and non-standard scales and chord structures, part of my eclectic bag of tricks!!!!!

Bray Ghiglia and myself teamed up in 1990 and we still work together occasionally to this day. He appears on 2 tunes from my latest album "Recollections: Volume 1". Bray is a composer, vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, flute and sax player..... need I say more?

In the control room with Suzanne Arthur. I produced an album for Sue (Shared Blessings) and she became a member of my group "Lateral Movement". A beautiful person and wonderful flutist. Below is Karl Schaffner, who came to us from Munich, Germany. I signed Karl to VOS and worked on a couple of his solo albums. He also joined my group "Lateral Movement" performing on acoustic guitar and fretless bass.

Standing out in front of Valley of the Sun's offices in Malibu, Ca. 1982. Life is good....... and life and career continue to be good to me. I continue writing and recording and working on a new direction into the  Latin/Funk/Jazz genre and focusing on guitar compositions. I must give you all a heartfelt thanks for listening to my music and helping me fulfill my dreams and ambitions....rs. Aug 2, 2016 

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