Take a drive with Slap & Powell

Here is the title cut from the "DRIVE" album. I dropped this one on Steve and told him to just play guitar and let the music take him. I had completed all the keyboard, guitar and drum tracks and needed some screaming lead guitar going out and he laid it down. He was much more a "rock" guitarist, while I dabbled in jazz, R&B and acoustic.  I was cruising down  Pacific Coast Highway late one night when the idea for this tune came to me. The track reflects the energy of LA in the 80's and early 90's and has been featured on many TV and radio spots. I was moving musically in a new direction and wanted to focus on scoring music for film and video. Steve Powell and I had a great working relationship, I first met him in 1974 and we remained close friends until his passing in 2004. The full DRIVE album has been re-released on the NUMERO GROUP label in 2020. 

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